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Died August 2nd 2014 because of Beyoncé and Nicki Minaj

Comparing yourself to others is a disease

Anonymous asked: i wanted to mean that but i think i got the wrong words, as in fuck the skinny BITCHES and the rest of the bitches who aren't skinny and let's love the rest of the ppl, skinny or not. pope nicki bless u privatebarb ty for ur time

Lol awe thank you and no problem

Anonymous asked: fuck the actual skinny bitches that think they have a skinny priviledge and therefore make the rest of the skinny people who can't control their weight or have eds look bad. as simple as that or what do you think?

I’m not going to grow trees where they shouldn’t so I’m a shed some light on the matter .. But I like to think of this whole “debate” as an insecurity for skinny people only because everybody in this whole entire world knows that EVERYBODY try’s achieve that skinny figure that’s considered a perfect body .. Now don’t get me wrong it’s good to be healthy but you don’t have to be skinny to know your healthy .. But now that people want to embrace the body’s they have because of a song and then a quote that’s has been said for many years it’s considered degrading and mean to make one side seem better than an other when in all reality any person can watch TV everyday and see a commercial talking about “Are you fat and stressed but can lose your weight” or anything to make you think your body is not what is should be and that gets implanted into people’s brains that because the way they look is unacceptable .. Yeah it might be tough for some skinny people that try to maintain their skinny figure because of “skinny privledge” but a person should be able to take their own stance on what they want and how they want to look .. I’m not saying it’s bad to want to be skinny but people should stop worrying about others and do what THEY WANT TO DO .. And in ending as Nicki said “Fuck them Skinny Bitches in the Club” and not because they’re skinny but because some are Bitches that need to be knocked off their high horse and they just so happen to be Skinny✌



My wedding vows feat. Nicki Minaj

"Till death do we part… Cuz all these bitches is ratchet".


When I hear Nicki say, “Fuck those skinny bitches,” I hear, “Don’t compare yourself to those women and just forget about anyone who compares you to them.”

And when I hear skinny people discount that song because of that lyric, I hear, “It’s more important that my body is validated by every song in a world that already constantly validates my body than it is for fat women to have a song that tells them their body is good.”


Spent my night listening to bamf black lady rappers and this page in the sketchbook happened


Spent my night listening to bamf black lady rappers and this page in the sketchbook happened

Anonymous asked: Musical masters? Please tell me you were joking.



Nicki Minaj x Videos august 2014

1. Anaconda (08-19-2014)

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3. Bang Bang (08-25-2014)

4. She came to give it to you (08-26-2014)

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